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  2. Moment of Appreciation for the Destiel Love Child




    This is Ben BarnesimageHe is  the love child of Castiel and Dean Winchesterimage

    Let’s do a comparison

    .. imageFace MergingimageBen Barnes

    Destiel with  Long Hairimage


    Ben Barnes with long hairimage

    I mean just… Look at himimageimage


    All I can say is..image

    This commences our Moment of Appreciation. 

    I wonder if he knows that all of Tumblr has dubbed him the Destiel baby

    Thank you!!! I finally know his name now

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    liam helping scott 。◕ ‿ ◕。

    liam calling for scott (✿◠‿◠)

    scott being liam’s anchor (◕‿◕✿)

    scott holding liam (◡‿◡✿)

    scott and liam (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  4. A Werewolf Thing


    Okay sO therussianpuppy said to do Sciam cuddles and i just I juST I CANT TURN THAT DOWN U UNDERSTAND RIGHT RIGHT

    "Is…this is an…" Liam paused, staring at the room infrint of him. "This is like, a real thingyou guys do?”

    Every single inch of Scott’s living room was covered in pillows, blankets, comforters, matresses, sleeping bags, Stuffed animals, and chair cushions. Malia and Kira was balled up in blankets and laying across a matress with an open pizza box on their laps. Stiles sat on one side of the couch with a snuggie wrapped around his body and curled with his feet underneath him like he was trying to stay as far away from Derek, who had his arm across the back of the couch and slid down as far as he could with his legs spread obnoxiously. Lydia had a cup of tea and was sitting with a stuffed animal Liam couldn’t 100% identify with a heavy fuzz blanket over her lap.

    Scott clapped Liam on the back, leaving that fuzzy warm imprint where he did and smiled brightly.

    "Sure is!"

    "He calls it Team Building.” Malia says as she takes a slice of her pizza. “I call it stupid, but, you know. Opinions.”

    Scott frowned, crossing his arms and pouting. “It’s not stupid.”
    Scott was wearing low rise flannel pajama bottoms and a black wife beater, his hair still kinda wet from the shower. Liam shouldn’t be paying this much attention, he shouldn’t, but he could smell Scott’s shampoo- some kind of fruity strawberry and banana mix- and his body wash fuck his body wash that smelled like musk and stupid Scott smell. Liam could smell minty breath when he exhaled shallowly when he plopped down on a comforter infront of the couch. Scott patted the spot next to him.

    "Liam, c’mon. We’re just gonna watch a movie." Scott smiled this adorable-no shit fuck that Scott was a grown ass man Liam refused to call him adorable- half smile. "Were gonna watch a movie, and these guys are gonna stay the night but you don’t have to. We’re not gonna make you do something you don’t wanna."

    Liam stared, just for a minute longer, before pulling his black hoodie closer to his body and trudging forward into the room.

    "Wait!" Stiles called and Liam froze like he had been shot. "Press play, dude!"

    Liam let out a shaking breath, nodding and pressing the PLAY button on the DVD player.

    Frozen. They were gonna watch Frozen.

    Liam stared at the room and made the executive desicion to set next to the only person he felt semi-comfortable around and awkwardly fell down next to Scott. Oh god, was he too close? He could feel Scott’s shoulder against his, and there hands laid side-by-side. Scott just smiled, not at Liam, at the TV, but that still counted didn’t it? Yeah, yeah that totally counted as a smile. You know, one of thosesmiles. The kind you give someone that you like when they ask if who you like.

    Liam smiled.

    Half of the movie was spent with Stiles and Scott duetting the songs, Malia asking borderline offensive questions and calling Hans a no good two faced bastard, Kira choking on pizza from laughing and eating at the same time, and Lydia and Derek sharing why are we here looks. Everyone seemed to calm down around the time Anna got shot in the heart by Elsa, and Liam has just seen this movie so many times, and his eyes just kept drooping further, and further…

    "Dude, they’re sleeping."

    "This is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen."

    "Oh god, it’s gross are they like, mates?"

    "Malia. Real people don’t have mates."

    "But. But they look so perfect."

    "Stiles, don’t take pictures-"

    "Oh hush sourwolf Scott is gonna want this screen saver."

    Liam woke up to the smell of food.

    He opened his eyes, blinking a couple times trying to let his soroundings sink in. It was day time-not the time he fell asleep too- and he was laying on something hard and solid. Liam groaned as he leaned up slightly, and then there were arms around his waist and tightening and woah what the-

    Scott. He was on top of Scott.

    Scott was still peacefully snoring as he layed across the living room floor, but his arms were wrapped lowly across Liam’s lower back, probably an involuntary reflex sense Liam was fuckin sprawled. His head was burrowed into Scott’s chest, his arms around Scott’s neck and their legs hopelessly tangled together.

    Liam’s entire face burned, and when he tried to pull back Scott just pulled him tighter and rolled onto his side and oh god oh no Liam was rolling over too and now Scott’s entire body was pressed up against Liam’s and his face was burried into his neck and why god why.

    "Scott, Scott Wake up, wake-"

    Scott groaned, a low rumble in his throat as he craned his neck back and stared at Liam for a minute blinking blindly. “What-” Scott gasped and scrambled back, his face mortified as apologies started falling from his mouth. “Oh my god, man, I am so so sorry I’m a cuddler, I-I cuddle I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-I didn’t try to im sorry not that not that it repulsed me! You’re actually-really, cute wait-shit, in a totally non-creepy bro-friend way aw man I am so sorry.”

    Liam stared blankly as everything Scott just said sat in and-and-and-and.

    Did he just call Liam cute?

    A small, grunted clear of the throat made Liam’s eyes snap to the living room entrance.

    Lydia. Lydia stood, wearing pink slippers and light blue pajama bottoms and a baggy pink shirt with her hair tied in a knot with a makeup free face and a tired expression.

    "I made breakfast." She said numbly and turned on her heels and walked out.

    "Breakfast." Stiles said, snapping up from were he lay tangled up and snuggled into Derek’s side. He fell from the couch apparently completely okay with where he was. “Wake up sourwolf I smell waffles.”

    "Thats bacon, Stiles." Derek groaned as he stood rubbing his eyes.

    "It’s both." Malia corrected as she wiped pizza sauce from her face and forced herself to stand with a frown.

    Kira pouted as she sat up. “Yum a num.” she says smartly and took the hand offered by Malia and stood shakily. “Food?” She asks with a serious expression.

    "Food." Scott shakes his head in confirmation. He turned to Liam with a smile that looked bashful. "Stay for food?"

    Liam wanted to talk about the cute thing, and the cuddle thing and ask why he couldn’t say no when Scott gave him that look. Maybe it was a werewolf thing.

    Yeah-yeah that had to be it.

    "Ill stay for bacon." Liam nodded.

    "And waffles." Stiles preened with a dreamy expression as he left the room.

    Liam didn’t know these people, and he really didn’t know Scott that well, but he’ll be damned if he didn’t feel like he was eating breakfast with his family.

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    gamestop art appreciation

  6. Liam screaming for help.
    Liam screaming Scott's name over and over and over.
    Liam remembering what Scott told him on the night of the first full moon.
    Liam about to fall for the 2nd time and YET AGAIN Scott saved him by grabbing his arm.
    Liam about to cry and Scott hugs him with a look of intense relief.
    Liam held onto Scott as if his life depended on it while Scott told him he will be ok.
    Sick Liam moaning as Deaton cuts the Wolfsbane out of him and Scott strokes his forehead him and....

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    This was just a beautiful scene. Heart-wrenching and intense and filled with such love.

    Fandom, I expect at least a few zillion Scott/Liam stories in which Scott trains Liam how to center himself, and praises Liam for being a good boy again and again, until Liam blushes and squirms under him and breathes out: “Enough, Daddy.”

    But only Scott knows what’s good for his boy, and how much Liam can take. He makes sure to give Liam everything he has. Everything.

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Please nicki minaj i want you to kill me i am not joking it would be such an honor


    Please nicki minaj i want you to kill me i am not joking it would be such an honor

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  9. If any potential Ariannes want to come and sit on the street you can email me at aimee@rejectedprincesses.com. —Aimee Richardson (@Aimee_P_R)

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